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Collection 5 services

Hardware 2 services

  • Black prints: 
    A4: 0.50 € (schools and non-profit associations 0.25 €) 
    A3: 1.00 € (schools and non-profit associations 0.50 €)

    Color prints: 
    A4: 1 € (schools and non-profit associations 0.60 €) 
    A3: 2 € (schools and non-profit associations 1 €)


  • Daisy-player

Service 4 services

  • Regional and interlibrary lending
  • Celia is a national knowledge center for accessible literature and publishing, which produces literature as spoken and Braille books for anyone who has difficulty reading a regular book. Via your library, you can register as a user with Celia and thus get access to their range of materials . Their range consists of 40,000 titles, mainly audio books.

  • General rules

    • The library is open to anyone who follows the library's rules.
    • The first library card is free and you get it by filling in a form with personal and address information and showing valid identification.
    • When you sign the library card's agreement, you undertake to follow the library's rules. You are responsible for the material borrowed on your card.
    • Always notify the library of name, telephone and / or address changes.
    • Also notify the library if you lose your library card.

    Library card

    Anyone who has reached school age can get a library card by filling in a form with personal information. For children under the age of 15, the guardian's signature is required and he or she is responsible for the library card. Educational institutions, care institutions and associations appoint a necessary number of responsible persons, who give their written consent for students, patients and employees to use the library card. The library charges a fee for a new card: The first library card is free of charge. Lost card, which is replaced with a new one, costs 2.00 euros.

    Loan period

    The loan period is usually 28 days. For some of the material, the loan period may be shorter, e.g. for textbooks and date material, 14 days, DVD 14 days. Return date is stated on the receipt you receive when you borrow. If the material is not returned within the set time, the loan right may be forfeited. Library material that is not reserved by another person can be borrowed. Extension of material can also be done by phone, e-mail or the web library. The material can be extended high 5 times. You need a library card and PIN code to be able to log in to the web library. The PIN code is personal. You must be 9 years old to get your PIN.

  • Wi-Fi