Vörå Library bus

Welcome to the Libraries in Vörå!

The library bus runs four days a week and serves the villages that do not have access to a local library. In addition, the library bus drives to a number of schools and daycare centers, and transports materials between the municipality's libraries.


You can return the material you have borrowed from the library bus to any library unit within the municipality. Outside the libraries in Vörå, Oravais and Maxmo, there are also return boxes.


You who have suggestions or requests for new stops are welcome to notify the library, e-mail bibl.vora@vora.fi or telephone 06-382 1686.


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  • Härmäntie 8, 66600 Vöyri, Vöyri
  • ovoy.iben#iben.sv
  • 050 036 9564, all phone numbers

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