Valkeakoski City Library

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Collection 18 services

Hardware 14 services

  • You can use the returning machine to return your borrowed materials. You don't need a library card to return borrowed materials.

  • You can use a barcode reader at the computer number 3.

  • You can use computers intended for patron use with your PIKI library card and a four-digit pin code. We have four computers for adults over 16 years old and four for children under the age of 16. You can log in to an unoccupied computer or reserve one beforehand via eBooking-system. The reservation system monitors logging in to the computer. The staff provides guidance in using computers, as needed.

    We also have three computers for browsing PIKI net library. You do not need to book these computers beforehand. We do not recommend browsing other sites with these computers due to information security.

  • You can take black-and-white as well as coloured copies at the library. Copies are paid at the library’s customer service desk. The biggest paper size we have is A3.

    Charge for copies:

    • One-sided black-and-white copy: 0,50 e
    • One-sided coloured or two-sided black-and-white copyt: 1,00 e

    The library staff does not certify copies or signatures.

  • You can loan a bat detector with your library card. Loan period is 2 weeks. Detector converts bats' sonar sounds audible for human ears.

  • We have digital piano Kawai ES-520 at the gaming room. You can book the piano for 60 minutes with your library card from the customer service desk.

  • We have Playstation 4 and Xbox One S at the gaming room. You can book the room at the customer service desk. Game consoles are not loanable for home-use.

  • You can borrow headphones with your library card. The headphones can be used only in the library premises.

  • You can use a magnifying reading device if needed. The device is located near the Celia-discs.

  • You can loan djembe drum, clockwork or ukulele with your library card from the customer service desk. Loan period is 2 weeks.

  • Library's loanable sports equipment (loan period 2 weeks):

    • Activechair (Humantool-saddle seat)
    • Discmania Frisbeegolf -set (3 discs)
    • Gymstick Core Twister -board
    • Basketball
    • Snowshoes: Haghus Finland Snow Equipment 8×25″
    • Mölkky-style game
    • Anckle/wrist weights 1 kg
    • Pétanque
    • Travel single Hammock (CA treehuggers)
    • Ultralight Hammock (CA mosquito net and teehuggers)
    • Endurance Plastic Balance Board
    • Adjustable Walking Sticks.

    You need to loan and return the sports equipment at the library's customer service desk. You can reserve the items via net library or at the library's customer service desk.

  • All the customer computers (excluding computers intended for browsing PIKI net library) are capable of both black-and-white and colour printing. You can only print size A4 prints from the computers.

    Charge for printouts and copies:

    • One-sided black-and-white copy/print: 0,50 e
    • One-sided coloured or two-sided black-and-white copy/print: 1,00 e

    The library staff does not certify copies or signatures.

  • You can scan at the library for free. Computers 1 and 3 has a scanner attached to them.

  • We have Hublet-tablets with an internet connection for customer use in the library. Hublet-tablets can only be used in the library premises. You can read a wide variety of e-newspapers and e-magazines and children can also play games installed to the tablets. You can borrow a tablet from a Hublet-dock situated near the customer service desk. In order to borrow a tablet, you need to have a PIKI library card and a four-digit pin code attached to it. Hublet will disconnect automatically after an hour of use. Please return the tablet to the Hublet-dock.

Room 6 services

  • You can rent rooms for meetings, teaching or for exhibitions. Library rents rooms for other city operators, nonprofit organizations etc. Renting via the library director.

  • Exhibition premises
  • Valkeakoski city library has a gaming room situated at the youth services department. The gaming room is equipped with Playstation 4 and Xbox One S-consoles as well as HTC Vive and PSVR-virtual reality glasses. We also have Dobble card game and floor curling that you can play in the gaming room. You have to book the room at the customer service desk with your library card. Virtual reality glasses are only available for customers over 12 years of age.

  • Valkeakoski city library has a separate newspaper reading room located at the other end of the hallway.

    Newspaper reading room has its own entrance. The newspaper reading room has self-service hours in addition to the regular opening hours. During the self-service hours, there is no staff in the library but you can read and borrow printed magazines and newspapers as well as read e-magazines and e-newspapers from the computer. Customers can get into the newspaper reading room during self service hours using their PIKI library card and four-digit PIN code.

  • Soundproof Working Booth
  • Teaching room

Service 14 services

  • Valkeakoski Library’s home service is intended for residents of Valkeakoski for whom visiting the library is difficult due to old age, illness, injury or physical disability. The home service provides clients with access to the library’s entire collection of fiction and non-fiction books, large print books, plain language books, audiobooks, magazines, newspapers, music and films. The home service includes the collection of library material based on the client’s wishes and delivery to their front door according to agreement. Any library material to be returned is picked up at the same time. The service is free of charge and exempts the client from any late or reservation fees.

  • You can pay your library fees with a credit card or cash.

  • You can pay your library fees with a credit card or with cash.

  • You may encounter problems with digital devices and services. However you don't need to struggle alone with these problems. Valkeakoski City Library offers digital support with computers, tablets and smart devices as well as with libary's e-materials and e-services.

    You need to book a personal digital support appointment either by calling +358 40 335 7055, via email or by visiting the library. Digital support personnel will contact you and arrange the appointment.

  • The return hatch is located near the opening hour sign. You can return materials to the hatch when the library is closed. The customer is responsible for the materials returned to the hatch.

  • If the material doesn’t belong to the collections of any PIKI libraries you can request it as an interlibrary loan. Volumes of periodicals are usually not sent as interlibrary loans. Instead, photocopies of articles from the periodicals can be requested. The loan request can be made at the library, by calling or by email. The charge for an interlibrary loan order is 5e/order in addition the item borrowed is subject to the charges of the lending library. Interlibrary loans from the Multilingual Library in Helsinki are free of charge. You can ask a specific price at the library.

  • Valkeakoski public library Valo is working together with the schools in Valkeakoski. Co-operation is also included in school curricula. Teachers are welcome to reserve visits for their groups.

  • We have a Mobile Library called Walle - our library on wheels. Walle is a mobile library shared by the cities of Valkeakoski and Lempäälä. Timetables for Walle are available in the library, Walle or via Mobile Library Route and Timetable app. Changes in timetables and routes are announced on Walle’s Facebook page and on the app.

  • We have self-service hours at the library. There is no customer service during the self-service hours. You can borrow and return materials on the self-service machines. During self-service hours you need your library card and pin-code in order to enter the newspaper reading room.

  • We have multiple self-service machines. You can borrow and return materials on the machines.

  • In our library reserved items can be collected as self-service. You will receive a pick up notice from the library, when an item you have reserved is ready to be collected at the library. The pick up notice has a reservation number with which you are able to find your own reservation from the library's pick up shelf. Normal reservations are free of charge, but if the reserved item is not collected, a fee of 1 euro is charged from you. A regional reservation, which is an item reserved from another municipality's library to be transported to you own local library, costs 2 euros.

  • Book a computer
  • We organize story hours for kids. You can check the timetable at the event calendar from the library's website.

  • You can connect your device to the library’s wireless internet connection visitorlibvlk with a password located in the library premises. Please use the wifi only within the library premises!