Vähäkyrö self-service library

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Collection 2 services

  • The Ostrobothnian mystics was a religious movement that originated in Vaasa in the late 18th century and spread to Central Ostrobothnia, notably to the village of Merikaarto in Vähäkyrö. 

    The mystics translated both religious and secular literature into Finnish and copied books by hand. The National Library of Finland and the Finnish Literature Society now hold these manuscripts. Vähäkyrö library has copies of some of the manuscripts as well as correspondence and other information about the movement.


  • Vähäkyrö library was founded by tailor Tuomas Taittonen in 1851. Initially, the collection consisted of donated books only, but the library soon became one of the largest and most diverse public libraries in Finland, with a comprehensive collection of Finnish literature. The library received book donations from local villagers as well as from such notable cultural figures as Elias Lönnrot, Yrjö Koskinen and Matti Pohto.

    Most of the old collection acquired by Taittonen has survived intact and the books are kept in glass display cabinets in Vähäkyrö library.

Hardware 10 services

  • On the customer computer you can use the web browser, create or modify documents, use cloud services and USB-memories, print, watch or listen.

  • Copying machine
  • Browse the internet, play games and use the library’s e-resources with a Hublet. Vähäkyrö library has Hublet tablets that you can borrow for in-library use, for up to two hours. To release a Hublet from the docking station you only need your Vaasa city library card and PIN code. The Hublet docking station is located in the newspapers area. You can borrow a Hublet even during self-service hours.

  • Self-return shelf
  • Large touch screen monitors for reading newspapers and magazines online. Available in all locations except Merikaarto. 

  • The library has a Playstation3 game console and games.

  • The library has many types of sports and exercise equipment available for checkout: gym games bags, pedometers, exercise bands, balance cushions, kettlebells, Nordic walking poles and volleyballs; pétanque, disc golf and badminton sets. For a full list of equipment (in Finnish and Swedish), search the library catalogue using the keyword ”liikuntavälineet”. 

    The gym games bag contains:

    • skipping ropes of different lengths for single skipping and group skipping
    • a guide (booklet) to skipping games and skills, in Finnish
    • QR codes for QR code orienteering, with videos about skipping games and skills
    • exercise cards with easy partner acrobatic moves
    • a guide (booklet) to family exercise, in Finnish
    • a gymnastics passport for schools, with basic gymnastic moves

    The equipment is available for checkout from the main library, Palosaari library, Vähäkyrö library, Variska library and Meeting point Huudi. The gym games bags are available from Palosaari, Huudi, Suvilahti, Sundom and Variska libraries.

  • Print as usually by choosing from the Menu->Print->choose your library from the list of printers->Print->Princhapp->Library counter. When you click print the application Princh opens up where you can choose the number of prints you want and payment method, 0,50€/print. When you have sent your documents for printing you can fetch and pay the prints at the library counter.

  • Palosaari Library and Suvilahti library have public scanners. The scanners in Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries can only be used during regular opening hours when the service desks are staffed. Scanning fee as listed in Library fees and charges.

  • Automatic lending machine

Room 2 services

Service 22 services

    • Accessible parking
    • Accessible entrance
    • Accessible toilet
  • The main library and the Vähäkyrö self-service library have bikes and helmets available for checkout from May through September.

    In the main library, the bikes are located in the bike stand outside the Draama hall, and you can borrow them with your library card at the first floor information desk. By the end of the loan period, return the bike to the bike stand and the bike key to the information desk. In the Vähäkyrö self-service library, you can borrow and return a bike during staffed hours, on Fridays by 15:00 at the latest.

    You can borrow a bike for up to one week at a time.

    • The main library has three bikes and the Vähäkyrö self-service library one bike available for checkout.
    • All bikes are 3-speed city bikes.
    • Each bike comes with a helmet.
    • The bikes can be reserved in advance.

    Terms and conditions for borrowing a bike


    You must be at least 15 to borrow a bike and you must agree to the terms and conditions for borrowing a bike. If you are under 15, you must have a parent or a guardian with you to borrow a bike. The bike will be checked out with your parent’s library card.

    Borrow the bike with your library card at the first floor information desk in the main library, or in the Vähäkyrö self-service library during staffed hours. The loan period for the bikes is one week. Each bike comes with a helmet.

    Borrower responsibility

    You are responsible for any injuries or damages to yourself or to any other person.

    You are liable for any damage to the bike and for the replacement cost for missing parts. You are not responsible for damage caused by normal use, for example puncture.

    You must ensure that the bike is in proper working order before use. You are responsible for pumping the tyres (the library info has a bike pump available for use) and for adjusting the bike seat.

    You are responsible for the bike and the helmet until you return them to the library.

    You are responsible for the bike key and must not give it to anyone else. Never leave the bike unlocked. Always store the bike in a secure location overnight.

    You must agree to the Terms and conditions for borrowing a bike. By checking out a bike from the library, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. For questions or further information about the terms and conditions, please contact the main library info (phone 06-3253533).

    Returning a bike

    The late fee for overdue bikes is 10 € per day but not exceeding 70 €. Reminder fees and invoicing fees are the same as with other library materials. The borrower’s deductible in the event of damage is the cost of the damage, but not exceeding 600 €. The maximum fee applies to irreparable damage, theft, and to lost or unreturned bike.

  • The library has board games and mechanical puzzles available for in library use and checkout.

  • Library fees can be paid with a credit or debit card.

  • When both the library and the self-service library are closed, you can return materials to the book drop by the main entrance. To return materials during self-service hours, use the self-checkout machine.

  • Only assistance dogs are allowed in the library.

  • Read Finnish magazines anywhere with the eMagz Remote service. The magazines available in the service are: Et-lehti, Gloria, Ihana, Kamera-lehti, Kippari, Kotiliesi käsityö, Me Naiset, Puutarhan aarteet, Suomen Kuvalehti, Tekniikan Maailma, Tiede luonto, Tuulilasi, and Unelmien Talo & Koti.

    eMagz Remote only allows a limited number of simultaneous users. If you cannot access a magazine, please try again later.

    You can use eMagz Remote on your computer, smartphone or tablet, wherever you are. The service only allows only a limited number of simultaneous users.


  • ePress provides online access to over 200 Finnish newspapers.

    Access ePress on a library computer, a Hublet tablet or a computer for online newspapers and magazines.

  • PressReader is a large international newspaper portal. It provides online access to newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries and in several languages.

    Access PressReader on a library computer, on your mobile device by connecting to the library WiFi, or from home by logging in on the library website.

  • You can use the on-demand film streaming service Viddla with your library card and your PIN code. You can watch a maximum of 3 films per month.

  • A wide range of jazz music, from jazz legends to contemporary jazz. 

    Naxos Music Library Jazz.

  • A comprehensive collection of classical music recordings from hundreds of labels. Naxos Music Library also contains artist and composer biographies, and information about orchestras.

  • The Ellibs service hosts the national collection of literature for children and youth. The collection offers books and audiobooks in Finnish and Swedish. Some adult literature can still be found in Ellibs, aquired when Ellibs was the library's main e-book resource.

  • Borrow e-books and e-audiobooks through Biblio (previously Elib). The service has e-books and e-audiobooks in Finnish, Swedish and English, as well as in many other languages such as Arabic, German and Russian.

  • The library has a public noticeboard for posters and notices about cultural, educational and religious events. The posters must clearly display the event start and end date.  Use our noticeboard to promote your event. Bring your poster to library staff, and they will set up your poster and take it down after the event.

    • Do you have a print disability? Sign up for a Celia account for access to online audiobooks.
    • Please contact the library for more information.
  • You can access the self-service library with your library card and PIN code. If you are under 15 years old, you must have the permission of a parent or guardian to apply for access to the self-service library.

  • Reservations are on a shelf near the automatic lending machine. 

  • The following Vaasa city libraries accept pupils for the workplace familiarization (TET) period:

    Main library: Minna Rinta-Valkama minna.rinta-valkama@vaasa.fi

    Palosaari library: kirjasto.palosaari@vaasa.fi or 06-325 3571

    Variska library: kirjasto.variska@vaasa.fi or 06-325 3575

    Vähäkyrö self-service library: kirjasto.vahakyro@vaasa.fi or 06-325 8475

    The libraries generally only accept one TET pupil / period.

  • The library has two hobby horses available for checkout. The loan period is two weeks, and the loans cannot be renew. Hobby horses cannot be reserved.

  • Vähäkyrö library has regular storytimes in Finnish. The storytimes are free and open to everyone, but the stories are selected to suit children aged 3 to 6.

    • In all locations except Merikaarto. Get the user ID and password from a customer service desk. Please note: The user ID and password are changed monthly.
    • Log in as vaasa-guest.
    • Check that your computer is using automatic network settings.
    • Open the browser.
    • The browser will take you to the login page.
    • Enter the user ID and password.