Sundom self-service library

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  • This is the library’s customer computer, which uses the Google ChromeOS operating system and offers a simple and easy way of using a computer and web resources. The Chrome computers are based on the fact that all services and applications are handy on the web.

    On the customer computer you can use the Chrome web browser, create or modify documents, use cloud services and USB-memories, print, watch or listen.

    All of the library’s computers have theft protection. A computer that is missing or has not been returned will be locked through software and will be unusable.

    Always remember to log out or shut down when you stop using the computer!

  • Copying machine
  • Large touch screen monitors for reading newspapers and magazines online. Available in all locations except Merikaarto. 

  • At most units the customer computers have a printing service Princh in use. Ask the library personnel for more information.

    You can print in Sundom and Vähäkyrö self-service libraries when there is personal available. 

  • Palosaari Library and Suvilahti library have public scanners. The scanners in Sundom and Vähäkyrö libraries can only be used during regular opening hours when the service desks are staffed. 


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