Söderkulla library (Sipoo)

Söderkulla new library opened in November 2009

The comic book collection has regularly comic exhibitions and other comic-related activities. E.g. Kaisa Leka, Terhi Ekebom, Sebastian Nyberg, Emmi Valve, Emilia Ovaskainen and Filippa Hella have held exhibitions. The artists leave a permanent memory in the library in the form of a mural.

Other specialties are a roof terrace and the local artists' art rental.


Visit us!

  • Amiraalintie 2, 01150 Söderkulla, Sipoo
  • fbqrexhyyn.xvewnfgb#fvcbb.sv
  • 09 2353 6003, all phone numbers

Transportation connections

Next to Uusi Porvoontie in Söderkulla.


Free parking hall on the lower floor of the building.

Building information