Piano Service

Available in these libraries

  • Haanoja library, Kouvola

  • Hanko City Library, Hanko

    • Piano
      Price: Free
      A digital piano and earphones for customer in the reference library.
  • Harjavalta Library, Harjavalta

  • Hämeenlinna Main Library, Hämeenlinna

    • Piano

      A digital piano for customer use in the music department.

  • Inari Main Library, Ivalo, Inari

  • Jakobstad Library, Pietarsaari

  • Järvenpää City Library, Järvenpää

  • Kangasala Main Library, Kangasala

  • Korsnäs library, Korsnäs

  • Kouvola main library, Kouvola

  • Lahti Main Library, Lahti

  • Main Library (Keuruu), Keuruu

  • Main Library (Laukaa), Laukaa

  • Meeting point Huudi, Vaasa

    • Piano

      The music room has a piano and a guitar.

  • Oulainen Library, Oulainen

  • Parkano Library, Parkano

  • Pello library, Pello

  • Pudasjärvi library, Pudasjärvi

  • Pyhäjoki Library, Pyhäjoki

  • Pälkäne Main Library, Pälkäne

  • Rauma Main Library, Rauma

  • Rautalampi Library, Rautalampi

  • Rääkkylä Library, Rääkkylä

  • Salla Library, Salla

  • Salo Main Library, Salo

  • Sastamala Main Library, Sastamala

  • Suomusjärvi Library, Salo

  • Tikkurila Library, Vantaa

  • Utajärvi library, Utajärvi

  • Vihti main library, Vihti