Outdoor games Service

Available in these libraries

  • Arabianranta Library, Helsinki

  • Entresse Library, Espoo

    • Outdoor games


      During the summer vacation months, the youth area has soccer balls, basketballs, footbags/hackey sacks, frisbees, and other such things available to be checked out. They may be used in the library’s outdoor court.

  • Etelä-Haaga Library, Helsinki

  • Hakunila Library, Vantaa

  • Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki

  • Herttoniemi Library, Helsinki

  • Kallio Library, Helsinki

  • Kangasniemen kirjasto, Kangasniemi

  • Kauniainen library, Kauniainen

    • Outdoor games
      You can play park chess in the area behind the library. The chessmen are kept in a box outside, and you can borrow the key to the box from the library.
  • Kärsämäki Main Library, Kärsämäki

  • Laajasalo Library, Helsinki

  • Maunula Library, Helsinki

  • Munkkiniemi Library, Helsinki

  • Oulunkylä Library, Helsinki

    • Outdoor games

      Different outdoor games. Loan period 14 days, return to Oulunkylä Library.

  • Pohjois-Haaga Library, Helsinki

  • Puistola Library, Helsinki

  • Sello Library, Espoo

    • Outdoor games

      Baseball (Finnish) set for a team. You can borrow a Finnish baseball set for a team from the downstairs service desk. There are 2 sets you can borrow, one for a youth team or one for an adult team. Check availability HelMet. Sets cannot be reserved. The baseball set can be borrowed from the service desk in the lounge. During the summer, you can play Mölkky (a Finnish outdoor game), and other outdoor games in front of the library. Ask for Mölkky at Pointti. 

  • Sievi Main Library, Sievi

  • Tapulikaupunki Library, Helsinki

  • Tikkurila Library, Vantaa

  • Töölö Library, Helsinki

  • Viikki Library, Helsinki