Digital piano Service

Available in these libraries

  • Entresse Library, Espoo

  • Itäkeskus Library, Helsinki

  • Juuka library, Juuka

  • Kourujärvi, Rauma

  • Laajasalo Library, Helsinki

  • Main library, Kuopio

  • Myllypuro Media Library, Helsinki

  • Oulunkylä Library, Helsinki

  • Pääkirjasto, Iisalmi

  • Seinäjoki Main library, Seinäjoki

  • Sello Library, Espoo

    • Digital piano

      One  piano on stage, one in Music department. No booking. Ask from Music departement / tel. 0981657503 /

  • Tapiola Library, Espoo

    • Sähköpiano

      Yamaha CLP-470 digital piano with space for two headphones (play alone or with a friend!), wooden keyboard, number of polyphony: 256, transpose and tuning, and 28 instrument sounds. Headphones are available at the information desk. Reservations: