Story room Room

Available in these libraries

  • Entresse Library, Espoo

    • Story room NOT IN USE

      NOT IN USE

      The story room is a cozy room with a wall-to-wall carpet, comfortable sofas and pillows. Kids and parents can play, read and relax in the story room. Storytimes in many languages and other small events are held at the story room.

      Events in English at

  • Haukipudas library, Oulu

  • Joensuu main library, Joensuu

  • Kaarina Main Library, Kaarina

  • Kauniainen library, Kauniainen

    • Story room

      Our storyroom is located in the children's book section. You can play and read in the storyroom. We have story readings in finnish and in swedish once a month. Welcome to listen. PLEASE NOTE! The storyroom is not available right now due to covid-19 restrictions.

  • Kontiolahti library, Kontiolahti

  • Kotka main library, Kotka

  • Kouvola main library, Kouvola

  • Laitila city library's main library, Laitila

  • Lappi, Rauma

  • Main Library, Vaasa

    • Story room Illusia

      The story room Illusia is the place where the main library story hours are held, and a meeting place for visiting day care groups and school classes. Other times the story room is available to all customers. The soft carpet is ideal for babies and toddlers.

      • Read and play.
      • Play board games and do jigsaw puzzles.
      • Hang up your coat and leave your shoes in the shoe rack outside the story room.
      • You can build huts, tunnels and more out of the floor cushions, but do not stack pillows and climb on them.
      • Do not jump down from a stack of pillows, an armchair or a window ledge.
      • When you leave the story room, put all toys and games back where they belong.
      • The parent/guardian is responsible for the child/children in the story room. Never leave your child unattended in the story room.

      Games available at the customer service desk of the section for children and young adults:

      • Alfons kurragömmaspel
      • Alfons yatzy
      • Höpön Löpön
      • Menolippu
      • Piirrä arvaa junior
      • Reuhupeli
      • Reuhurinne : Eka englanti
      • Rummikub
      • Virheistä viis (Tatu and Patu)
  • Main Library (Keuruu), Keuruu

  • Main Library (Laukaa), Laukaa

  • Oulu Main Library, Oulu

    • Story room

      Space meant for families. Includes a toilet with a baby changing unit. You can spend time reading and playing with toys provided by the library. The murals (by Anna Sofia Vuorinen, 2018) offer something to explore for all ages.

  • Paimio library, Paimio

  • Pansio Library, Turku

  • Piikkiö Library, Kaarina

  • Pääkirjasto, Lapua

  • Pääkirjasto, Ikaalinen

  • Pääkirjasto, Imatra

  • Pääkirjasto, Masku

  • Pääkirjasto, Pälkäne

  • Raisio Main Library, Raisio

  • Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki

  • The Main Library in Nykarleby, Uusikaarlepyy

  • Vihti main library, Vihti

  • Viikki Library, Helsinki

    • Story room

      The room is used for reading stories and hosting small-scale children’s events. You can also reserve the story room for your own event. Further information and reservations at Varaamo:

      For more information, please visit the Events section at

  • Yli-Maaria Library, Turku