Music studio Room

Available in these libraries

  • Entresse Library, Espoo

    • Music room


      In Jukeboksi, the library's multipurpose room, there is a music studio where you can record music to a computer. There is also a stage and instruments you can play in Jukeboksi (guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums).

      More information and booking at

  • Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki

    • Studios

      Oodi has two studios suitable for playing and rehearsing and one studio for recording. More information about the instruments and devices, our user regulations and reservations can be found in Varaamo.

  • Hollola main library, Hollola

  • Iso Omena Library, Espoo

    • Music studio

      Contact: 043-8253790 AN APPOINTMENT FOR GUIDANCE SESSION MUST BE MADE WHEN MAKING THE INITIAL RESERVATION. You can make the appointment at Iso Omena library with the person in charge of the music department at 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. during weekdays and 12 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Saturdays. You can also make the appointment by phone. The music studio is a sound-proofed space. The studio is equipped with an iMac 27” computer and Logic Pro X recording and editing software. You can record speech, singing and instrumental music and master or edit your recordings using the studio's instruments, software and equipment. Instruments: electric bass guitar Spector Legend 4 Classic, electric guitar Tokai Les Paul LS 100F/CS, acoustic guitar Yamaha APX II Devices and software: AKAI MPK88, Native Instruments Maschine MK2 sampler workstation, Native Instruments Komplete 10 sound library, Yamaha THR 10 guitar amplifier / preamp Other equipment: microphones, microphone stands, music stands, sofa, chairs for players, etc. Registering as a user and reservations: A user agreement for use of the music facilities (music studio and music room) is signed by the client, either in advance or, at the latest, at the first reservation. Remember to bring your ID and your library card! After signing the agreement, you will receive a personal Musapassi (Music passport). Musapassi will be given to you either as a printed card or as an image file for your mobile device, for example. The next time you wish to use the premises, the guard (at the main information desk of the Service Centre) will let you in after checking your Musapassi, the reservation and your ID. A brief guidance session covering the studio’s basic operations will be given to the users. The music studio and the music room can also be reserved together. This means that the studio acts as a control room and the recording is carried out in the music room. Use of the premises is free of charge and the maximum reservation time is 3 hours. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the time slot reserved will be made available to other users. The age limit for the studio is 15 years. There can’t be more than five persons in the studio at one time.

  • Kaarina Main Library, Kaarina

  • Kouvola main library, Kouvola

  • Sello Library, Espoo

    • Music studio

      Online booking: Available for customers of 15 years of age or over who own a Helmet -library card, photo ID and have basic IT knowledge. Orientation is compulsory. Studio is primarily intended for recording music. For further information, contact: phone number 09 816 57607. Studio equipment: Logic Pro 9 / Logic Pro X, Universal Audio Apollo sound card, large and small acoustic diaphragm condenser, midi-keyboard, electronic drums, el. bass, el. guitar and electro acoustic guitar.

  • Tapiola Library, Espoo

    • Music studio

      Available for customers of 15 years of age or over who own a Helmet library card and have basic IT knowledge. You will receive a user ID and a password. Working in the studio is independent. Reservations:

  • Tikkurila Library, Vantaa