Music rooms Room

Available in these libraries

  • City library, Varkaus

    • Musicroom

      Soundproof Musicroom is located in the music department, and there is a piano. Guests can book a room free of charge

  • Forssa Library, Forssa

    • Music rehearsal room

      Soundproofed space for singing or practicing a musical instrument. There is a piano in the room and an acoustic guitar is available from the library service desk. You can also bring your own instrument.

  • Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki

  • Hämeenlinna Main Library, Hämeenlinna

  • Iso Omena Library, Espoo

    • Music rooms

      The music room is a sound-proofed space. You can practice either alone or together with others, using the instruments and equipment in the music room. The room is also used as a band training room. You can also bring in your own instrument. Instruments: piano, electric guitar Tokai Stratocaster, electric bass guitar Tokai Hardpuncher, acoustic guitar Tanglewood, electric drums Roland TD-11KW, synthesiser Roland FA-06 Amplifiers and other equipment: Guitar amplifier Cube 40 GX, bass amplifier Warwick BC 80, Montarbo Duetto 12A active loudspeakers (400 W), Mixer Proel M1622 (BROKEN AT THE MOMENT) Other equipment: microphones, microphone stands, music stands, sofa, chairs for players, etc. Registering as a user and reservations: A user agreement for use of the music facilities is signed by the client, either in advance or at the first reservation. A person in charge of the music rooms is present at the library 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. during weekdays and 12 a.m. - 6 p.m. during Saturdays. Remember to bring your ID and your library card! After signing the agreement, you will receive a personal Musapassi (Music passport). The Musapassi will be given to you either as a printed card or as an image file for your mobile device. The next time you wish to use the premises, the guard (at the main information desk of the Service Centre) will let you in after checking your Musapassi, the reservation and your ID, if necessary. A brief guidance session covering the music room’s basic operations will be given to the users. The music studio and the music room can also be reserved together. This means that the studio acts as a control room and the recording is carried out in the music room. (The studio will become available for reservation and use with your Musapassi at a later date, which you will be notified of separately). Use of the premises is free of charge and the maximum reservation time is 3 hours. If you are more than 15 minutes late, the time slot reserved will be made available to other users. The age limit for the music room is 15 years. A person over 18 years of age can also take responsibility for younger users. Contact: 043-8253790

  • Joensuu main library, Joensuu

  • Kajaani main library, Kajaani

  • Kemi City Library, Kemi

  • Main Library (Jyväskylä), Jyväskylä

    • Music practice rooms

      All reservable spaces are out of use from December 28th to January 31st due to the corona virus restrictions

      The four music practice rooms have:

      • Band and karaoke room Komppi is equipped with band instruments (electro-acustic guitar with metal strings, electric guitar and bass, acoustic guitar, ukulele, keyboard, electric drum set, and vocal microphone), karaoke kit and Cubase recording software. Browse the selection of karaoke songs here:  The vocal microphones cannot be used for now. You can bring your own microphone. You can also practise singing and playing music with Rockway video tutorials in Komppi.
      • The big music room has an acoustic piano and a guitar. Visit the 360-tour of the big music room (in Finnish).
      • Practice room 1 has an acoustic piano and a guitar.
      • Practice room 2 has an electric piano (Roland HP-505), an acoustic guitar and a left-handed guitar.

      You can bring your own instrument as well and if you want to record your music, you can borrow a Zoom H6 audio recorder.

      Please notice, that fragrances cause headache and nausea to many people. Please, use fragrances moderately.


      The rooms can be booked for maximum two hours per day and no further than two weeks in advance. The rooms are meant for private use only, not for professional teaching purposes. The rooms cannot be booked for interviews, study groups, or any other such activities that are not related to music. Please, cancel your reservation if you can’t make it.

      For more information, please contact the music department: kirjasto.musiikki[at] 

      Music Practice Room Reservations:

      Click here to open the reservation page

  • Main Library (Äänekoski), Äänekoski

  • Main Library of Rovaniemi City Library, Rovaniemi

  • Maunula Library, Helsinki

  • Nivala Main Library, Nivala

  • Nöykkiö Library, Espoo

  • Pääkirjasto, Imatra

  • Pääkirjasto, Reisjärvi

  • Pääkirjasto, Kangasala

  • Seinäjoki Main library, Seinäjoki

    • Music room
      Pommari music room is a space where you can play music and sing. There are different kinds of instruments, for example, two electric guitars, one acoustic guitar, one bass, two keyboards, violins, ukuleles and a drum set. Also, there is a mixer, amplifiers and PA system.
  • Sello Library, Espoo

    • Music rooms

      There are 2 music rooms in the Music department that you can reserve. One of the rooms has a piano and the other one a baby grand piano and a harmonium. You may use the music rooms for 4 hours / week. There is also an electric piano you can play without booking. Online booking: For further information, please contact the Music department service desk or call 09 816 57607.

  • Tikkurila Library, Vantaa

  • Turku Main Library, Turku

  • Töölö Library, Helsinki