3D printers Hardware

Available in these libraries

  • Entresse Library, Espoo

    • 3D Printer

      There are Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 -printers in the Makerspace of Entresse library. As needed, the Library personnel will guide patrons in using the equipment and programs as best as they can.

      More info and booking at varaamo.espoo.fi

  • Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki

  • Hepolamminkadun IT-kirjasto (TOKI-kirjastot), Tampere

  • Hollola main library, Hollola

  • Imatra main library, Imatra

  • Iso Omena Library, Espoo

  • Jakobstad Library, Pietarsaari

  • Jakomäki Library, Helsinki

  • Jokela Library, Tuusula

  • Kajaani main library, Kajaani

  • Kalajoki Main Library, Kalajoki

  • Kellokoski Library, Tuusula

  • Kerava City Library, Kerava

    • 3D printers
      Price: 1 € / printout

      Kerava Library's Värkkäämö has equipment of Ultimaker for 3D printing. When necessary, the library staff will guide you in using equipment and programs as best they can.

  • Kokkola City Library, Kokkola

  • Kontula Library, Helsinki

  • Kotka main library, Kotka

  • Kouvola main library, Kouvola

  • Kurikka Main Library, Kurikka

  • Lahti Main Library, Lahti

  • Lempäälä Virta (TOKI-kirjastot), Lempäälä

  • Lippulaiva library, Espoo

  • Lumo Library, Vantaa

  • Main library, Kuopio

  • Main Library, Vaasa

    • 3D printer

      Create three-dimensional objects with the Ultimaker 2+ printer. Download a 3D model online, or design your own model on the Makerspace computer. To design your own 3D models, download a free software tool for 3D modelling online. If you are a beginner to 3D modelling, you can use for example  TinkerCad. Only use the 3D printing filaments available in Makerspace for the 3D printer. Makerspace has biodegradable PLA filaments of various colours, and white Polymax PLA filament for objects that need to take a lot of wear.

      The printer is located in the Main Library Makerspace. On the Makerspace computer you will find video files with basic instructions for using the 3D-printer.

      The fee for using the 3D printer is 0.50 euros per each beginning hour. Pay the printing fee at the first floor information desk when your 3D object is ready.

      Book at the main library information desk or call 06-325 3533.

  • Main Library of Rovaniemi City Library, Rovaniemi

  • Malmi Library, Helsinki

  • Oulunkylä Library, Helsinki

    • 3D printers

      Two Ultimaker 3 -3D printers make physical objects from digital sample files. A 3D sample file in STL format is required for printing. Non-toxic and biodegradable PLA plastic is used as the printing material. Reservations via varaamo.hel.fi. In principle, the customer handles the printing him/herself. Separate guidance to be agreed in advance: (09) 310 85 064.

  • Pasila Library, Helsinki

    • 3D printers

      3D printer (Ultimaker 3) can be booked via Varaamo. Material price: 0,70 € / print.

  • Porvoo Main Library, Porvoo

  • Pukinmäki Library, Helsinki

  • Sampola Tietotori computer area, Tampere

  • Sello Library, Espoo

  • Tapiola Library, Espoo

  • Turku Main Library, Turku

  • Tuusula Main Library, Tuusula

  • Viikki Library, Helsinki

  • Ylöjärvi Main Library, Ylöjärvi