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Available in these libraries

  • Askaisten kirjasto, Masku

  • Bergö library, Maalahti

  • Bookmobile Ilona, Kotka

  • Goethe-Institutin kirjasto, Helsinki

  • Hamina main library, Hamina

  • Helsinki Central Library Oodi, Helsinki

  • Himanka Library, Kalajoki

  • IPR University Center, Helsinki

  • Kalajoki Main Library, Kalajoki

  • Karhula library, Kotka

  • Karhuvuori library, Kotka

  • KAVIn kirjasto, Helsinki

  • Kirjastoauto Tenruusi, Somero

  • Kivijärvi Library, Kivijärvi

  • Konginkangas Library, Äänekoski

  • Korpilahti Library, Jyväskylä

  • Kotka main library, Kotka

  • Kärsämäki Main Library, Kärsämäki

  • Lastenkirjainstituutin kirjasto, Tampere

  • Main Library, Vaasa

    • Science and technology

      Second floor, old library building.

      Classes 50–59, 60–68, 69.6–69.71, 79.

      Natural sciences, mathematics, medicine, technology, handicraft, pet care, gardening, cooking, interior decoration, games, sports and exercise.


    • Social sciences and economics

      Second floor, old library building.

      Classes 00–03, 05–07, 30–39, 69–69.35.

      Politics, social sciences, jurisprudence, economics, marketing, social policy, education, national defense and communication.

      Reference materials: statute books, statistics by Statistics Finland.

    • Children and young adults

      The section for children and young adults is located on the first floor of the main library.

      Buggy/pushchair access through main entrance on Kirjastonkatu: Use the platform lift next to the Public information centre, or turn left to the Newspapers and magazines section and walk through Café Proosa.

      Buggy/pushchair access through the entrance on Raastuvankatu: Walk through the Café Proosa and turn left.

      Childcare room/Accessible toilet by main entrance.

      The children's section has yellow bookshelves with picture books (in Finnish, Swedish and English), fairy tales, children's books, easy readers and poems.

      There are separate trolleys for picture books about:

      • Vehicles and traffic
      • School (ABC, numbers, colours, starting day care/school)
      • Family and everyday situations
      • Health

      The parent shelf has picture books dealing with difficult topics that you can read together with your child. The shelf also has helpful books for parents, teachers and caregivers.

      The children's section does not have non-fiction books, but many books in the non-fiction section for young people and young adults are suitable for children. 

      The children's music corner has music for children (CDs, songbooks, sheet music), and DVDs and audio books for children.


      Young people and young adults in the main library

      The section for young people and young adults has red bookshelves with:

      • fiction for young people
      • comic books for children, young people and young adults
      • joke books for children, young people and young adults
      • non-fiction for children, young people and young adults
      • foreign language books for children, young people and young adults (in other languages than Finnish, Swedish and English)
      • DVDs for young people and young adults
      • audio books for young people and young adults
      • video games for young people and young adults

      The library has video games for the following consoles:

      • PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
      • Xbox, Xbox Kinect, Xbox One
      • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo WiiU, Nintendo DS and 3DS

      There are separate fiction sections for stories about ghost, sports and horses. The horse section also has non-fiction books about horses and horseback riding. 

      The young adult section by the stairs has young adult fiction, fantasy and sci-fi in Finnish and Swedish, and manga comics. 

      The section for young people and young adults has a customer service desk, 4 public computers and a library catalogue station.

    • Literature and languages

      Second floor, new extension.

      Classes 04, 10.8, 80–89.

      Novels, short stories, poems, plays and comics.

      Audiobooks, large print books, and easy to read books,

      Essay collections and aphorisms.

      Literary studies, writer biographies.

      Linguistics and languages: textbooks, dictionaries, baby name books, and more.

      Please note: Fiction (classes 04–86) is arranged by language. Separate sections for crime, scifi, fantasy, and horror, and for war, hunting & fishing and humour in Finnish and Swedish.

    • Newspapers and magazines

      First floor.

      Newspapers and general magazines. Most back issues are available for borrowing.

      A large touch screen monitor for reading newspapers and magazines online.

      Public computers and printing. Collect and pay for your printouts at the Info-desk.

      Old back issues of local newspapers on microfilm, a bookable microfilm reader.


    • Countries and cultures

      Second floor, new extension.

      Classes 11–17, 20–29, 40–49, 90–99.

      Philosophy, psychology, religion, geography, ethnology and history.

      Biographies and genealogy; paranormal phenomena, dream books and astrology.

      Travel guides, maps, atlases and nautical charts.

      Exhibitions highlighting current topics and different aspects of the collection in the display case.


    • Music and arts

      Second floor, old library building.

      Classes 70–78.

      Arts, art history, architecture, photography, theatre, cinema and music.

      CDs, DVDs and LP records.

      Sheet music, music method books for various instruments, songbooks.

      DVDs: films and tv series.

      Music listening corner.

      Electric piano, electric guitar, headphones.

      Bookable reading room Toivo.

      Naxos Music Library: Listen to free streaming music from your computer, including classical, jazz, blues, folk, and world music. Sign in with your library card number and PIN.

      Music magazines are in the newspaper reading room (Newspapers and magazines) in the 1st floor.

  • Main Library (Karstula), Karstula

  • Main Library (Äänekoski), Äänekoski

  • Munkkiniemi Library, Helsinki

    • Aalto collection

      A selection of literature on architecture, Alvar and Aino Aalto in particular. Several of the books are for reference only.

  • Newspaper reading room (Valkeakoski City Library), Valkeakoski

  • Oulu Main Library, Oulu

  • Petalax library, Maalahti

  • Petäjävesi Library, Petäjävesi

  • Pirttikoski Library, Pyhäjoki

  • Pyhäjoki Library, Pyhäjoki

  • Pääkirjasto, Hattula

  • Pääkirjasto, Evijärvi

  • Rikhardinkatu Library, Helsinki

  • Ruissalo library, Hamina

  • Sallan kunnankirjasto, Salla

  • Sievi Main Library, Sievi

  • Someron kaupunginkirjasto, Somero

  • Statistics Finland, Helsinki

    • Data use
      The library’s national collection of statistics contains the Official Statistics of Finland (OSF) starting from 1856, Statistics Finland’s other statistical production, and the statistics of other public administration. The collection also includes official statistics of the Nordic countries and general statistical yearbooks of around 30 countries, as well as the statistics of key international organisations (Eurostat, UN, OECD, IMF, World Bank, etc.).
  • Sumiainen Library, Äänekoski

  • Sundom self-service library, Vaasa

  • Suolahti Library, Äänekoski

  • The Main Library in Nykarleby, Uusikaarlepyy

  • Tritonia, Vaasa

  • Tritonia Allegro, Pietarsaari, Pietarsaari

  • Valkeakoski City Library, Valkeakoski

  • Vihti main library, Vihti

  • Youth Research Library, Helsinki

  • Yttermalax bibliotek / huvudbibliotek, Maalahti