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  • Please contact the library if you want an interlibrary or regional loan!

    Regional loans

    • The Fredrika libraries and Vaasa city library have regional collaboration concerning loans.
    • If you, as our patron, order material from one of these libraries, the regional loan fee is 2 €.

    Interlibrary loans

    • If you want to borrow materials from another library, contact one of our libraries to place an order.
    • Interlibrary loans cost at least 4 € /pc, the fee depends on the lender library's possible fees.   Ordering an interlibrary loan is free of charge, the fee is paid when you get the requested material.
    • We lend the material that can be borrowed to other libraries free of charge. We do not send out reference materials and materials from the local collection. The loan period is the same as for materials lent out as usual. We do not send interlibrary loans directly to private individuals, only through another library. Please contact the main library: biblioteket@narpes.fi or 040-1600605 if you request an interlibrary loan!
  • Biblio (former Elib) has a wide selection of e-books and audio books in Swedish and there is also an extensive range of e-books and audio books in English as well as other foreign languages. 

  • Närpes City Library offers its customers access to e-newspapers and magazines. PressReader contains over 7000 newspapers and magazines from more than 100 countries in 60 different languages. When you use PressReader, you can download newspapers to your own tablet, smartphone or laptop when connected to the library's wireless network. Once you have downloaded a magazine, you can read it even if you leave the library. 72 hours after leaving the library, you can also still download new magazines. Wireless network is available at the main library, the library bus, Övermark library, Pörtom library and at SÖFF.


    • Download the PressReader app for free (available for apple, android, and microsoft).
    • Connect your tablet, smartphone or laptop to Bibliotek.Guest, the library's wireless network (passwords are provided by staff).
    • Start PressReader to download your favorite newspapers from the service.
  • Viddla is a streaming service for borrowing movies with your library card and pin code.

  • Celia is a national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland, working toward equality in reading and learning. Celia’s aim is to work towards equality for persons with print disabilities, in terms of access to literature and information. Celia produces and distributes literature in accessible formats, such as talking books and braille books, together with public libraries and publishers.Via your library, you can register as a user with Celia and thus get access to their range of materials. Celia’s book collection boasts more than 40 000 talking books and about 8 500 of these are in Swedish.

    • To borrow material, you need a library card, which is free of charge. 
    • When you sign the library card, you agree to follow the library's rules and are responsible for all loans on your card (see info under “Loan information”)
    • The library card is individual and should always be shown when borrowing. This applies to all libraries in Närpes. 
    • If the library card is lost - notify the library to prevent misuse of the card. A new library card is available for a fee.
    • Persons under the age of 15 should have their guardian's signature on the library's application form to obtain their own loan card, and the guardian is also responsible for the loans made on the card.
    • Library cards are not given to children under 6 years.
    • Always notify address and name changes.


    • To be able to log in to Finna, Biblio and Viddla, you need a library card and PIN code.
    • IN code is obtained through a personal visit to the library and presentation of a library card.
    • The PIN code is personal.
    • On the Finna pages, you can renew your loans and make reservations on material listed in the Närpes library catalog and change your telephone and address information.
  • Loans and loan periods

    • The usual loan period is 4 weeks.For highly requested books, the loan period is 2 weeks.
    • The due date is printed on the receipt you receive when you borrow.
    • Loans can be renewed provided that the loan period has not expired or the material has been reserved.
    • Borrowed material can be returned to any of the libraries in Närpes.

    PIN code

    • To be able to log in to My pages, you need a library card and PIN code.
    • PIN code is obtained through a personal visit to the library and presentation of a library card.
    • The PIN code is personal.
    • On My pages, you can renew your loans and make reservations on material listed in the Närpes library catalog, change your telephone and address information, rate books and make book lists.
    • With the PIN code, you can also borrow e-books, e-audiobooks and movies.

    E-mail reminder

    • You can ask the library to send a reminder of your loans that are due soon. The notice will be sent by e-mail a few days before the due date. Then it is easy to log in to My pages and renew the loans or return them to the library. This can be arranged by giving your e-mail adress to the library.
    • The customer is responsible for delayed loans even in the event that the message is not received for some reason.

    Lost or damaged material

    • Library material that has been damaged or lost should be replaced by the customer.
    • The material can be compensated by replacing it with a new copy or paying the compensation determined by the library.
    • Movies, CDs and DVDs cannot be replaced with a new equivalent copy due to the copyright reasons.
  • Overdue fee
    The overdue fee is 3 € per sent overdue notification letter. The library sends out a maximum of 3 demand letters, after which an invoice is sent for the unreturned material.

    Copies and printouts
    Black and white copies 
    A4 0,50 € per page
    A3 0,80€ per page
    Scanning is free of charge.

    Interlibrary loans
    If you require an item from another library in the Fredrika network or Vaasa city library the fee is 2 €.

    If you require an item not in stock in any of the Fredrika libraries, it can be requested from other libraries through interlibrary lending. Interlibrary loans follow the general terms of use for the supplying libraries' loans and loan times and cost at least 4 € per pc, the fee depends on the borrowing library's possible fees. To order an interlibrary loan is free of charge, the fee is paid when you get the requested material.

    We send interlibrary loans free of charge to other libraries.

  • Exercise equipment
  • Seed library

    Here's how the seed library works

    - Borrow seeds, plant and grow them
    - Harwest seeds and bring back more of the same kind or from another plant
    - No library card is required