Kvevlax library

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Hardware 2 services

Service 5 services

  • Regional and interlibrary lending
  • Self-service library
  • Borrower services and instructions

    • Renewed library card                                     2 euro

    Material that is returned late (the number of loans does not matter):

    • Fines for late delivery 1   2 euro
    • Fines for late delivery 2   5 euro  (+ fee for earlier reminders)
    • Fines for late delivery 3   10 euro (+ fee for unreturned material)

    When borrowed material is reserved by another customer a message is sent to the one having the material as soon as due date has passed. The fee for this message is 2 euro.

    A person who has more than 25 euro in fees cannot borrow more library material before paying off the debt.

    The fees need to be paid also when you have returned material late to the return boxes.
    As a library customer you are obliged to pay for damaged, lost or unreturned material. The library will not reimburse material that has already been paid for.

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