Kerava City Library

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Collection 2 services

  • Celia produces and distributes literature in a format that is accessible to people with reading disabilities, e.g. as audiobooks and braille books. At the library, you can register as a customer of Celia's online service; for more information on the services available, contact the library.

  • The material of the home region collection is not given as a home loan but it can be examined on the library premises. The staff will fetch the desired material from the Kerava loft.

Hardware 11 services

Room 6 services

  • Changing table for babies in the library toilet.

    On the first floor of the library there is a changing table in the disabled toilet (locked, staff opens on request) and a toilet in the children's section.

  • Meeting rooms can be reserved in the library.

    The library's premises Satusiipi, Pentinkulma and Kerava loft can be reserved for gatherings, training rooms and screenings for various groups.

    0-110 € / hour

  • The library has small group spaces to book.

    There are three bookable small group spaces on the first floor of the library: Base, Tarina and Pakina. The base also acts as a digitization space. Reservations are free of charge. The premises are not available for paid or commercial activities or for business activities.

  • The library has a reading room Arja for quiet work.

    On the second floor of the library is the reading room Arja, which is intended for quiet work. The reading room is freely available during the library's opening hours.

  • The room includes a microfilm and card reader and the ability to record from film / card.

    Located on the second floor of the library, this room has a microfilm and card reader and possibility to record from film or card. 

    You can also digitize video cassettes to an external hard disk, DVD, or memory stick.


  • Research room can be booked for people.

    The research room is subject to a fee and can be reserved for a person. Features workstations with Internet access.

Service 13 services

Web service 2 services