Kauniainen library

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  • Showcase for exhibitions: we are happy to receive our customers’ own exhibitions of handicraft, collections, photographs and art. Exhibitions can be organised in the library’s locked showcase. Sales exhibitions are liable to a  charge of 10€.


  • Exhibition wall: create your own art-exhibition at the library. You can reserve the exhibition wall for three weeks at a time. The library will collect a fee of 30 euros per exhibition.


  • Kauniainen's own art gallery. Exhibition price is 100€/week. Reduced price 50€/week for associations and organizations in Kauniainen. Reduced price 15€/week för youth organizations in Kauniainen, as well as organizations in Kauniainen för the unemployed and for senior citizens). Please contact culture producer Cecilia McMullen, phone number 050 5599580.


  • The library has a meeting room that can be reserved. Suitable for groups of up to 10 to 12 people. Available for non-commercial use. Please book in advance by calling 050 411 6504 or e-mailing kirjasto@kauniainen.fi. PLEASE NOTE! The meeting room is not available right now due to covid-19 restrictions.

  • The reading hall is meant for quiet study. There are a limited number of seats available due to covid-19 restrictions.

  • Our storyroom is located in the children's book section. You can play and read in the storyroom. We have story readings in finnish and in swedish once a month. Welcome to listen. PLEASE NOTE! The storyroom is not available right now due to covid-19 restrictions.

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