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    Help with using the library’s or your own devices (computer, smartphone or tablet) and electronic services with or without an appointment.

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  • Want something new to read? Don't know where to start? Want some reading tips just for fun? 

    Quick reading tips is an easy and fun way to get personalized book tips about on your own interests. Helsinki City Library’s staff will choose you recommendations based on words you select from on form below. The 5 book list list will come directly to your e-mail!

    Fill a form and the marvelous world of books is on its way.

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  • Audiobooks in the Celia library are intended for people with various challenges with reading. As an online customer, you can use your device to listen to any of the 40,000 audiobooks in the library collection, and as a CD club customer audiobooks will be delivered to you at home every month. You will need a picture ID for registration. People under the age of 15 need a guarantor.

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    Customers have the use of Stadinetti, a free-of-charge wireless network provided by the City of Helsinki.