Library of the Finnish Literature Society

A publicly open special library of cultural studies and Finnish literature


The Library of SKS is a special library in the fields of cultural studies and Finnish literature. The library is open to everyone.


The library's collections contain:

  • ▪ Finnish and foreign research literature in the field of cultural studies
  • ▪ Finnish literature and literary research
  • ▪ other humanistic literature.

The Library

  • ▪ issues loans for regular checkout or reading room only
  • ▪ orders loans from other libraries for its users and fulfills interlibrary loan requests from other institutions
  • ▪ provides access to licensed and open-access e-resources
  • ▪ answers questions on cultural studies and Finnish literature and assists customers with the use of its printed and electronic resources.


Visit us!

  • Hallituskatu 1, 00170 Helsinki, Helsinki
  • 02 0113 1272, all phone numbers

Building information

Photograph: Kuva: Gary Wornell, 2014
Sebastian Gripenberg