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  • Pajuniityntie 11, 00320 Helsinki
  • xvewnfgb.unntn#unntn-uryvn.sv
  • 040 488 7480, all phone numbers

Transportation connections

Buses 64
Trains Y, U, L, E, A, P, I
If you're are travelling by the commuter train, stop at the Huopalahti station. Then, walk towards Helsinki, along the pathway which is next to the trail tracks. Just before the crossroads of Hämeenlinnanväylä, take a gentle turn to the left (Matkamiehentie). After 90 metres, the road will change into Nuijamiestentie. Walk about 300 metres, and on the left side you'll see Hotel Haaga Central Park. Haaga-Helia building is connected to the hotel. If you're looking at the hotel's main door (Reception), turn 90 degrees to the left. The stairs will take you to Haaga-Helia, to G-wing. Enter the building, turn right, and then to the left. You have arrived at the Haaga campus library.


Parking is free on Nuijamiestentie. Please notice, that parking is not free on the hotel area.

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