Hämeenlinna Main Library

Welcome to the library!

On the top floor are newspapers and magazines, the quiet reading room, the exhibition spaces, the workstations for customers, Leino room and Urban Office workspaces.

The library collections, meeting rooms, music studio and music rehearsal room, media room and editing and digitizing space are located on the middle floor.

The downstairs bookstore Jemma is open to customers.

See the Self-service library page to check which services are available during self-service hours.

In principle, dogs or other pets are not allowed in the library. Exceptions to this are guide and service dogs, reading dog activities and a puppy or very small dog who can come to the library quickly in the owner’s arms. 

There is no dropbox in the main library.


Visit us!

  • Lukiokatu 2, 13100 Hämeenlinna
  • xvewnfgb#unzrrayvaan.sv
  • 03 621 2612, all phone numbers

Building information

Established year
Heikki Aitola