Hailuoto library

Next to the school, opposite the church

Hailuoto municipal library is established 1860. It is situated in an old elementary school building from 1937. 

Despite her rurality and historical roots this one-man show of a library delivers full, modern digital and analog library services and interlibrary loans as a part of Outi-library consortium in Northern Finland.


Visit us!

  • Luovontie 61, 90480 HAILUOTO, Hailuoto
  • xvewnfgb#unvyhbgb.sv
  • 044 497 3565, all phone numbers

Transportation connections

Distance to Oulu 55 km, to Oulunsalo 40 km. 7 km ferry connection included. From Oulu and Oulunsalo 1-3 times a day local bus line 66. Departures from Oulu bus station. Journey includes 7 km of free ferry ride from mainland. Day trip from Oulu to Hailuoto Public Library can be purchased as a Gerional Tourist Ticket (valid 24h) from any local Koskilinjat bus. On working days second line in the morning leaves for Hailuoto from Oulu bus station at 9.15 am. Third line returns from Hailuoto, Marjaniemi at 6.20 pm. (as of 19.4.2013). Hailuoto islet is 30 km long, one bus stop is located at Public Library. Library is open 2pm.-8pm on Wednesdays and Fridays through the year, also on Mondays as summer opening hours are in effect. Regional Tourist Ticket fares to Hailuoto and back: Adults 15,50 euro / children 4-11 yrs. 7,80 euro (as of 19.4.2013).


Parking area next to library

Building information

Established year
Old Elementary School