Tapiola Library

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  • Tapiola Library’s meeting room can accommodate approximately 10 people. Access to the free wireless client network of the City of Espoo is available. Information point can provide a laptop for loan. Reservations: varaamo.espoo.fi.
  • TaruGalleria, the exhibition space of the Tapiola Library is located in the library maker space Paja. The calendar: https://varaamo.espoo.fi/resources/avuqlkltpqja
  • Tapiola Library’s VR room offers you a chance to experience virtual realities and play VR games with HTC Vive glasses. Reserve the room. Instructions and tuition available If you need help with using the VR glasses or the Steam software, please reserve a staff member by telephoning 043 8271 185 or at the library’s Makerspace!


  • As we don’t strive for total silence in Tapiola Library there are many places in the library where you can work in a group: for example in the middle space or in the Makerspace.
  • Lehtilukusalit
  • Library space for recording own music demos.

    Available for customers of 15 years of age or over who own a Helmet library card and have basic IT knowledge. You will receive a user ID and a password. Working in the studio is independent. Reservations: varaamo.espoo.fi.
  • Tapiola Library’s Paja offers new activities to do in the library. We are giving you an opportunity to try 3D printers, 3D scanner, vinyl cutter, heat press, sewing, overlock and embroidery machines, laminator, paper cutter and shredder etc.
  • The Slow area in the middle of Tapiola Library is used as a place for events for approximately 30 people. Audio visual equipment can be brought into the space

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