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  • Ilmari is a meeting room / classroom for about 15 people on the second floor. You can reserve Ilmari on weekdays at 16-20 and on weekends during opening hours. More information on page Facilities.
  • Akseli-hall, a multifunctional room on the second floor, can be reserved for meetings, lectures or events. Seats for max 60 people, with desks for 30. Reservations are only for groups that contain at least 5 people. There is microphone, data-projector, BD-player, tuner-amplifier, VHS-player, and an overhead projector. You can borrow a laptop from the service desk. Fees: - free of charge for all associations, Espoo city units and housing companies in Espoo - companies are charged 100 € / starting hour. Customers can use Akseli-hall when it is available. It is possible to order refreshments. Please see -> Cafes and restaurants! Reserve for meetings online:
  • Galleria Anna is on the second floor of the library. Exhibitions in the lounge, first floor, in a showcase. Please see the page Art exhibitions for more information.
  • Elina. A small meeting / group workroom for about 7 people on the second floor. You can reserve Elina for 3 hours at a time. There are chairs, a sofa and a table. Free of charge. Online booking:
  • Lounge and stage. The large entrance lounge with a stage on the first floor can be reserved for events, fairs, competitions and shows. Wireless microphones. Chairs for 100 people available. More information on the page Facilities on
  • Band Training Facility Roland-Room. Rehearse almost soundlessly with your band wearing headphones connected to a mixer. Rules: over 13 years old, or with a guardian if under 13. You need the library card number for booking time, max. 6 h / week. Online booking requires access rights. Booking site:
  • There are 2 music rooms in the Music department that you can reserve. One of the rooms has a piano and the other one a baby grand piano and a harmonium. You may use the music rooms for 4 hours / week. There is also an electric piano you can play without booking. Online booking: For further information, please contact the Music department service desk or call 09 816 57607.
  • Studio: Online booking: Available for customers of 15 years of age or over who own a Helmet -library card and have basic IT knowledge. Orientation is compulsory. For further information, contact: phone number 09 816 57607. Studio equipment: Logic Pro 9 / Logic Pro X, Universal Audio Apollo sound card, large and small acoustic diaphragm condenser, midi-keyboard, electronic drums, el. bass, el. guitar and electro acoustic guitar.
  • Paja / makerspace
  • Silent room dedicated for reading newspapers. On the sendond floor there are three reading rooms. 1 ) A study hall. 30 desks with own lights, for studying. 2) Reading room 3) Reading room for only magazines and newspapers
  • Stage. The large entrance lounge and the stage on the first floor can be reserved for events, fairs, competitions and shows. Wireless microphones. Chairs for 100 people available. Enquiries: Please see the page Facilities or the link for more information!
  • There is fiction and and poetry in Cultural space but also an area with sofas and chairs on the second floor. Book Clubs, writer interviews, knitting clubs are held there. For more information, please see the Facilties-page.

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